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The More + Sugar Podcast

Renowned Author of Sugar in My Grits brings you The More + Sugar Podcast!! Real life conversations, navigating relationships, life and loss and real life healing. “The greatest healing for me is helping someone else. Every time I have a conversation I feel better. So, what better way to heal than a Podcast”.

The More + Sugar Podcast is available on all streaming platforms.

Amanda has made the seamless transition from Blogger to Author to Speaker to Podcast host. Through her book Sugar in My Grits she has tackled tough topics as generational curses, compounded grief, emotional trauma, depression, and the need for therapy in order to heal.

Sugar in My Grits

Grief stricken by the brutal murder of her cousin and the tragic death of her nephew, Amanda spirals into a deep depression. Emotionally bankrupt and having lost faith in God she manages to decide to seek therapy. During therapy Amanda uncovers issues deeply rooted in generational curses, compounded grief, and emotional trauma. Determined to get her life back on track she is forced to confront her own demons and find a way out of the dark depression. Sugar in My Grits is a firsthand look inside Amanda’s difficult journey and shares life’s lessons she has learned along the way. A must read.

Keeping up with Amanda

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