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What Remains...

In the beginning of the year I felt like things were SHIFTING. I could feel things moving in the atmosphere spiritually, emotionally, and physically. However, yesterday as I sat on my porch inhaling the cool crisp air on the first day of November, I realized I was wrong. Things were SIFTING! There was stuff that hadn't moved from place to place as one would think of in terms of SHIFTING. There were things that were gone. Things that didn't, "shake out".

Huge difference!!

I pondered the thought with a bit of uncertainty as to what God was up to and why I was having this revelation on my porch after pausing from removing the trash. Then it hit me. God wanted me to notice what he took away and not look for it in another place. It was gone. Yes, I would miss it, but I didn't need it anymore. I felt a brief sadness, however I'm grateful for whatever is gone and whatever remains...instead of what was moved.

"God, Thank you for all you have give me, all you've taken, and all you have left me. God gives you his Word as a guide. God gives you health to bless you. God gives you friends to love you. God gives you life to enjoy. God has never stopped being good; we have just started being grateful". Unknown

If you're looking for something that you may have thought was moved...stop frantically searching because things have SIFTED! Sometimes when God moves things in our lives we hard headedly go back and retrieve it. In this season if you find yourself looking for something you perceived as having been moved and can't find it...Maybe it just SIFTED.

It just didn't shake out.

Do a thing.

Trust God.

Be Grateful.

Read Sugar in My Grits. I promise it will have you take notice of what has SIFTED.

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Stay safe


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