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There comes a time when we finally make a decision to move. I don't mean putting your things on a UHaul and skipping out on this month's rent. I mean acting on a dream. Like signing up for cooking classes, or starting a podcast.

For me it was November 2017 while on a walk in Chesapeake, Virginia. I decided to create a logo and Instagram page for my blog. I begin to move. It was my first steps in separating Amanda and Mandy. Mandy had been through so much, but Amanda needed to tell the story. I begin to move. Amanda needed to move. My Pastor preached a sermon shortly thereafter titled, "Stop Gazing and Go"! You've dreamt it. You've planned it. Now GO! Execute your dream now! There will never be a perfect time, perfect plan, or perfect prayer. Only your willingness to fly. Your willingness to trust God.

When you move there are several things you need to know. Have a great team. I don't mean hiring the best people. I mean bring the best people along. The Tata's of the world that have been around you since day one. The people that will walk with you at seven months pregnant because your glucose levels are high. It's time to move. Be okay with your elevation. Believe you will receive what you have prayed for. You are supposed to be humble, yet confident to walk in all God has bestowed upon you. It's time to move!

You will never catch me telling my story from the ground, because ACallenderGirl always rises. No matter how far Amanda Y. Callender goes I will always be StillMandy. Don't' forget to grab your copy of Sugar in My Grits. I'm sure it will encourage you to Move!!!

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