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Anyone can write a book. I did. I wrote a book about grief. I thought I was done when recently more people died. People close to me. How does that happen? It happens when God tests your gangster. My friend AK asked, "Are you trying to just sell people something or do you actually believe in what you wrote"? These aren't just words that I made dance around on the pages, it's my life. I decided if I was going to be transparent and share there should be dialogue that actually helps someone else. People struggling with grief, depression, familial hurt, or folks just trying to make it through tomorrow. Life knocks you down. I'm not sure about you all but it knocked me down and I struggled to get up. Most of your lives may be least that's how people portray to be, but mine is not. Over the next couple of weeks I will be discussing aspects of the book on my social media platforms. Please share with your friends and family! Subscribe to my blog and follow all my social media. There is much to discuss and stay tuned for the book release date! There is links all over my website:

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"Heartache purged layers of baggage I didn't know I carried. Gifts hide under layers of grief".. Shauna L Hoey


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