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Look Out Below! Year 16!


There are so many instructions, and self professed gurus readily available to dispense information or advice on love and marriage that I’ve rarely found useful. They make it seem like falling in love is this Breath taking decent from a snow capped mountain, chewing spearmint gum, while holding hands and staring into each other’s eyes. *scratches record* I digress. Falling IN Love is very much amazing. However, the test is getting up constantly to climb that mountain to jump off. AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. It’s staying IN love. It’s having the fortitude to climb higher and even at times lifting your mate BEFORE yourself knowing they will pull you up. Love is someone that knows how to calm your storms but will ride the waves with you when that storm seems relenting. Completes your sentences and understands that forsaken all others means EVERYONE except God, but won’t make you choose. For 15 years we’ve climbed the mountain, dodging avalanche after avalanche yet stayed committed to climbing higher and higher. So before we jump today, I just want to say thank you Mrs. Callender for 15 years of not just jumping with me but making sure I always admire the view on the way down. Cheers to year 16!!! And look out below! ❤️❤️

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