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I Don't Like it.

At first I was like dayum B! (with excitement) and then I was like damn Bey (with disappointment)

Anyone that knows me knows I'm a huge Jay Z fan. I didn't become a Beyoncé fan until I found out they were dating. Like....It was my boy's girl so I had to check her out. It's this reason I doubt if I qualify for the Bee Hive. *shrugs*

I don't think I need to go into detail about who they are to their respective genres of music. He's arguably one of the best rappers alive. "Alive" being the operative word here. She, well she's broken all types of records and can hang with the best of them. Beyoncé is DOPE. Together they make music Royalty!

The Carters have always been notoriously private about their relationship and family only alluding to things in songs forcing us commoners to guess who did what and when. Then the cheating scandal happened and we got Lemonade, 4:44, and the twins...Go figure.

I didn't know what to expect next. I just knew I wasn't paying hundreds of dollars for On the Run Part Deux. I was content with paparazzi shots and conveniently leaked family vacation photos every now and again.

So you can imagine my dismay when I saw Matthew Knowles' little girl almost baring it all for tour booklets.

TOUR BOOKLETS. I don't like it. Can someone help me understand the reasoning behind these photos?

Has the social medical pressure gotten to music royalty? Are these for Becky with the good hair?

I don't like it. This is something I would expect from Kim Kardashian West...not Bey and Jay. I have so many questions!! Like....who took the photos?! Who said..."yea let's make this a tour booklet item". I don't like it.

Not to mention from the videos I've seen...(because you can watch a full concert with Instagram snippets).

They seem to have gone the extra length to let us know this is "REAL LOVE".

There's pictures of a vow renewal. Now, that's fine by me because I did it 3 times!! But why these pictures?!

Can someone help me understand.....Because I don't like it!!

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