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Shame on you Hip Hop

"That couldn't be me"....

"A dude bet not never put his hands on me".... says almost every woman BEFORE a man puts his hands on her. No woman goes into a relationship expecting to be mentally or physically abused. It's almost always unexpected and often times men promise to never do it again. Until the next time. Then the next time. With gifts and apologies in between times. Some women leave right away. However there are some women that stay for whatever reason. I'm not here to judge and neither should anyone else. Leaving can be just as hard as staying so we need to stop victim shaming. We also need to stop dismissing these incidents as a "couples spat" or none of our business. That's your daughter, sister, niece, friend or Aunt! Ask questions, be overbearing, visit frequently, and overstay your welcome because he wants to isolate her and have her believe she has no place else to turn. We have to look out for the signs and be diligent in supporting each other because this wack ass lackluster justice system seems to believe a restraining order will addition to low ass bails or letting the abuser go all together. What is wrong with these emotionally unstable men that they can't handle rejection? A "no I'm not interested" can lead to a bullet or disagreement leads to a slap.

Why aren't we calling out these abusive men? Like Fabolous!! Maybe because he gets a pass from this misogynistic hip hop culture we all love so much. He performed with Lil Kim the day after a disturbing video surfaced of him threatening his kids mother and live in girlfriend Emily B and her dad. No reports of protests or Hip Hop elite publicly speaking out or condemning his actions. He didn't strike her in the video, but you can clearly tell she's afraid of him by her body language. (that's part of knowing the signs people) Shame on Lil Kim for not publicly speaking out and allowing him to perform. Shame on Hip Hop!! Remember Michel'le went through years of abuse from Dr. Dre and no one said anything. Not even his "boys" whom I'm sure witnessed an incident or two. Who is speaking up for these women when they can't speak for themselves?

Does Emily's family need to receive a late night phone call informing them he's murdered her before we take notice and stop supporting him? Chris Brown couldn't catch a cab after he hit Rihanna!!

Does he need to put five bullets in her then kill himself before someone says something is wrong?

(sorry, that's my family's story)

If you are in an abusive relationship or know someone that is please get help. It's not okay.

Shame on you Hip Hop

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