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In Closing..

December is the valediction of the year. It's  your parting words...the "Complimentary Close" to your love letter if you will. I've always thought the phrases used to end love letters was a gage of the author's true feelings for the recipient. Thanks. Yours Truly. Love Always. Sincerely. Or my favorite...Warmest Regards. LOL

2017 would be my first full year back to work after having my son. I worked extra hard to support my family, maintain and repair relationships, stay spiritually grounded and connected to God, and to grow my career.

My wife and I did a temperature check of ourselves in the first quarter and decided we were great parents to Jax, HOWEVER we had become horrible spouses. We needed to be better partners. Me? Need improvement?

I gasped. But most of all I listened to her. You see before  I was married I knew what I wanted it to feel like, but never took anyone else's feelings into consideration. Need improvement?

However I heard her.  I took what she said was missing and gave it to her. SIMPLE.

Too often we find ourselves in relationships with people who simply are not willing to give us what we need.  We stay or go back for whatever distorted reason we've conjured up on our head.  Not our hearts. Our hearts are honest. Not logical. HONEST. Love isn't logical. Love is emotional. Love is everything moving in slow motion when they walk into a room... 15 years later. Most people don't know what love looks or feels like because they aren't honest about what they need. Through all of your self affirmations and you go girl moments, you still don't know your worth. You won't demand it. So you stay...and now it's December.

The closing of the 2017 love letter. 

On New Year's Eve before you bend your knees, bow your head, or raise your glass take a moment to think...What will your closing be? I’m riding with Love Always and not Conveniently Yours.


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