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State of the Union

So here we a political shit storm. I'm not sure where to begin. Let me start by saying the most revered office in the world has been reduced to a number.. 45!! Like no one actually calls him President Trump. Well, except for Fox News. He's like the modern day Bloody Mary. Which has me thinking that Republicans and all of the country's most racist people conjured him up in their bathroom mirrors on election night. Who am I kidding? Billy Bob and them actually took off their sheets long enough to vote.

Speaking of Republicans, at least they stick together in their dysfunction. I mean to their own detriment, but still. No one can take away their cohesiveness as a party. They know the Commander in Chief is a bumbling idiot incapable of doing the job, but hey close ranks, shut their mouths and roll with him. (albeit off a cliff) Meanwhile Hilary's out here with her book, "What Happened". Ma'am your theft of the Democratic Nomination happened. You weren't supposed to be the candidate. So to add insult to injury you write a book to place blame. Some folks may have been buying it UNTIL Donna Brazile comes along with her new book and it's like ripping the scab off a healing wound. Everyone wants to make a buck instead of unifying the party. It's like we have a destination but no Democrat can decide on the route to take.

2018 is practically next month and there is barely a conversation around a potential candidate. I know it's still early, but we are looking like a little league team out there for Pete's sake.

Please don't get me started on SCOTUS. Ruth probably has someone that reminds her of what day it is. Even if she has all of her faculties she is 84!! I'm sure she is TIRED!! 45 already sat one judge. Can you imagine the impact of him sitting another? I guess you can unless you are a woman...that loves a woman. Or a woman with a black son or husband. Or just a woman. See how I did that?

Why can't we just start over without Jesus coming back?! Just slide the needle back across the album to start the song over!! Scratch the record if you have to! However in starting over some things will need to change. Stop beating our asses officer! Treat us like men and women respectively! That's without calling us sons of bitches and whores. Respect our intelligence and buying power, stop raping and pillaging our culture and disguising it as your own. We don't want to attend your Universities if your daughters are going to stick our toothbrush in her rectum. JUST NO!!

So til then we are going to keep kneeling, protesting, fighting and voting!!. Laws can be changed, amendments added to the constitution!! It's time for the elitist to share a bit of the stuff that was never there's to begin with and if they don't?!


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