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Cardiac Dysrhthmia or as we all know it is an irregular heartbeat. This occurs when the heart beats too fast or too slow or simply put irregular. When this becomes life threatening a Defibrillator is needed. The defibrillator basically stops your heart so it can try and resume beating at a normal rhythm. The very basic concept is like hitting a reset button.

To stop and start over. To set again. RESET.

Starting again doesn't necessarily means the outcome will change, that is simply our hope.

Resetting allows you to catch your

breath.....literally. To regroup. Refocus.

It allows you to change your rhythm. If you feel like you're going too fast it allows you to restart at a slower pace. Moving too slow? It allows you to restart at faster pace.

A reset allows us to ascertain whether we need to add or subtract something to and from our life. Maybe everything is all good and you just to to stop, say thank you Lord and begin again. Now please don't think you need to check into five star resort and go all Mariah Carey delusional midlife crisis and start over thinking things. Over analyzing will have you believing you're a unicorn while quoting regurgitated affirmations in hopes of making others believe you feel better about yourself. That's not the move shawty.

A reset can be done in the shower or on a park bench. During a morning run or a stroll on the beach.

I hit the reset button this weekend. I determined that I needed to go into the fourth quarter more focused on my unfinished projects. I didn't like my rhythm, so I'm restarting. I'm going to dedicate more time to writing and less on social media. I'm going to work on my patience, kiss my wife more and talk to her about more things besides our son. I'm going to call my siblings and have lunch dates with my friends. I'm excited about the fourth quarter are you? If not you still have time to reset.

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