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Hey Mandy!

Hey Mandy!!!

You have been on my mind lately.

I wanted to drop you some jewels to help you navigate through the uncertain times you will struggle with. I'm not trying to alter the course of your life, just give you some insight and reassurance.

Those feelings you have towards aren't "just a tomboy". You will not grow out of it. You will grow into it. You will own it. It's not just a lifestyle it's who you are!

Your family and friends and most of all God will still love you. Hold your head up girl!!

LIfe isn't hard. There are just a couple of rough patches here and there. Allow yourself time to grieve.

Not just for the deceased people. You will have to mourn some relationships as well.

Love isn't that fairytale you dreamed of in 10th's work! RESPECT. COMMITMENT. TRUST. COMPROMISE. Forgive because you will need to be forgiven. You will not be Julie Andrews spinning on that

mountaintop everyday. The record skips and the music may stop. You will fall down, but you will also get up.....just not in that God awful dress. You will get up in a black Calvin Klein suit and marry the woman of your dreams. THREE TIMES!! (she's kind of big on you)

No one wants to hear your sad story. People don't want to commiserate with you. Folks only want to know how you got out of the valley and read all about it on social media. Don't accept all friend requests.

Revert back and always lean on God in times of uncertainty. He's testing you so don't take his silence for a no. He will take the best parts of you and put them in your son.

Love is EVERYTHING....Except in a game of tennis.

You got this!!


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