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Dear Daniel

I can recall in December 2014 my Pastor announced the church would be doing the Daniel Fast in January.

It was my first time fasting and I thought I would die without liquor, soda, and ribs. Now of course the first couple of days were tough. I'm pretty sure I cried over a root beer soda and almost licked the powdered sugar off an abandoned Savannah Smile cookie in our office's break room. Not to mention I had to sit through weekly company meetings that consisted of the best pizza around. I may not have been ready emotionally, but spiritually my life was changing and I needed to have a clearer understanding of where God was calling me to be.

I was feeling heavy. I could have lost a couple of pounds yes, but that is not the heavy I mean. Imagine Odell Beckham Jr trying to run with a bag of 50lbs of rocks on his back? (Can you tell I'm a Giants fan?) He would never make it to the spot of the intended pass in time to catch it. That is what arrogance, ego, and insecurity does. It weighs you down and forces you to miss God's pass.

So for me this was my chance to empty myself of those heavy things and fill up with lighter things like humility, service, and scriptures. We fasted for 31 days.

The Daniel Fast changed my life. I prayed several times a day, every day, everywhere! By the time it was done I was a totally different person. I learned to say, "Lord I thank you" BEFORE "God I need". I have a better prayer life. I learned Gratitude. I gained better eating habits. I lost 25lbs and got pregnant with my son a couple months later. *STILL DOWN 30 POUNDS TODAY* WON'T HE DO IT!!

Fasting is not about starving yourself to get God's attention. It is about seeking a more intimate relationship with him. Elevation requires you to go higher. Humility is a lot lighter than arrogance.

Fill yourself with things that are lighter. I did.

Dear Daniel. Thank you for saving my life.

Forever Grateful

Amanda.....Jax's mom

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