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Death Becomes Her

No matter how much we try and prepare ourselves for the inevitable, death is always a jolt. A shock to our system.

We try and change the language from "died" to "passed away"

to ease our human senses of it. Norman Cousins said, "Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live".

My cousin was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. This is why I am an advocate for domestic violence. If only "just leaving" was that easy. My four year old nephew tragically drowned. This is why my son takes swimming lessons. What if's swirl around in my head on the edge of that pool each week. My nana had a heart attack and died a few days later. This is why I am adamant about my diet and exercise in my older years. My cousin went to the hospital with a headache and died two weeks later. This is why I get regular check ups. (Black people...GO TO THE DOCTOR) My parents....*SIGH* They passed away within months of each other, both after long stays in the hospital. Let's just say they died young because of their life choices. Their deaths are why I practice forgiveness. It's hard to forgive someone standing over them dripping tears on their sleeve and run the risk of messing up their funeral home makeup. Why be THAT person at the funeral making a scene. You know the ones. The ones that try and get inside of the casket. The loud crier. The one that falls out. The one that screams, "take me with you" knowing full on well you can't wait to get out of those pantyhose and kitten heels.

Ohhh but be patient my friend. Death will come for you.

Until then, pray often (or whatever you subscribe to that contributes to your soul's well being).

Practice more forgiveness. I recently repaired a torn relationship simply because I cannot teach my son lessons without being his example.

Dream BIG! Then execute them...don't let your dreams be that raisin Langston spoke about. Be yourself! Be the first you and not the next so and so. And for the love of God stop settling for less then complaining about it.

"This is why I be so fresh. I'm trying to beat life because I can't cheat death".....Pray Jay-Z

p.s Enjoy the NMAAHC.....Dionysica Stewart!!!!

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